Annual Report 2019

Increased growth and efficiency in focus

Joacim Lindoff, Arjo’s President & CEO, describes a 2019 characterized by continued strong organic growth and efficiency measures, together with strategic partnerships and preparations for important new international regulations. At the same time, initiatives to build the future Arjo have begun.

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Empowering movement

The human body is made to move. Research shows that there is a clear link between mobility and people’s physical and mental well-being. At Arjo, we believe that high quality of care and positive clinical outcomes begin by maintaining or improving a patient’s mobility.

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Solutions for healthcare’s major challenges

Arjo helps its customers in improving their clinical and financial results. Achieving this involves solutions, services and products that improve safety and efficiency – and that prevent injuries and complications that can be avoided. We always focus on the needs of the individual and thereby contribute to higher quality of care.

Work-related injuries

Many caregivers are subject to muscular skeletal disorders. In addition to causing suffering for those affected, this subjects healthcare providers to financial burdens. The right equipment and skills can help reduce the problem.

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Quality of care and quality of life

Healthcare is under pressure from the greater number of elderly people and increasingly complicated care needs. Using the right equipment and skills, staff can free up time and provide person-centered care. In addition, the quality of care is improved and risk of complications reduced.

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Hospital-acquired conditions

Many patients are today affected by serious complications such as blood clots and pressure injuries, which are often avoidable. Many complications can be prevented through solutions for early mobility and patient repositioning.

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Costs and efficiency

Pressure is increasing on healthcare providers to care for and treat a growing numbers of patients, often with limited resources. With the right expertise, processes and equipment, they can reduce costs and increase efficiency.

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A sustainable future
– in healthcare, in society and for the environment

Our ambition is to develop an efficient and sustainable health­­care system that contributes to a positive development in society.

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