Note 25 Transactions with related parties

Companies in the Carl Bennet sphere are considered to be related parties to Arjo. In addition to normal dividends to Carl Bennet AB, Arjo had transactions only with companies in Getinge Group, which are presented in the table below. Business terms and conditions as well as market-regulated pricing apply for delivery of products and services between the companies.

Other expenses primarily refer to Group-wide services. For remuneration and benefits to senior executives and on the Board of Directors, see Note 5.

SEK M 2019 2018
Mkr 2019 2018
Sales Försäljning 64 72
Purchases of goods Inköp av varor -4 -9
Other expenses Övriga kostnader -69
Accounts receivable Kundfordringar 14 20
Non-current financial liabilities Långfristiga finansiella skulder 29 55
Accounts payable Leverantörsskulder 0 10
Other non-interest-bearing liabilities Andra icke räntebärande skulder 6 6