Other information

Distribution policy

The printed version of Arjo AB’s Annual Report is distributed only to shareholders who expressly request a copy. The Annual Report is also available in its entirety on the Group’s website: www.arjo.com

Reading guide

  • The Arjo Group is referred to as Arjo in the Annual Report.

  • Figures in parentheses pertain to operations in 2018, unless otherwise specified.

  • Swedish kronor (SEK) is used throughout.

  • Millions of kronor are abbreviated SEK M.

  • All figures pertain to SEK M, unless otherwise specified.

  • Information provided in the Annual Report concerning markets, competition and future growth constitutes Arjo’s assessment and is based mainly on a combination of material compiled externally and internally.

  • The totals in the tables and calculations do not always add up due to rounding differences. Each subtotal corresponds with its original source, which can lead to rounding differences in the totals.

Annual General Meeting

Arjo’s Annual General Meeting will be held on Monday, June 29, 2020 at 11:00 a.m. in Malmö, Sweden. An invitation to the event will be issued no later than four weeks prior to the event.

For further information regarding the Annual General Meeting and registration, see Arjo’s website, www.arjo.com.

Nomination Committee

Arjo’s interim report for the third quarter of 2019 contained instructions for shareholders on how to proceed to submit proposals to Arjo’s Nomination Committee and how to propose motions to be addressed at the Annual General Meeting.


The Board of Directors and CEO propose a dividend for 2019 of SEK 0.65 per share (0.55), an increase of 18% compared with 2018. The total dividend thus amounts to approximately SEK 177 M (150).

The proposed dividend for 2019 is well in line with the target in Arjo’s adopted dividend policy. The proposal is justified based on the combination of the Group’s financial position and future development opportunities.

Financial information

Updated information on, for example, the Getinge share and corporate governance is available on Arjo’s website www.arjo.com.

The Annual Report, year-end report and interim reports are published in Swedish and English and are available for download at www.arjo.com. The Annual Report can also be ordered from: Arjo AB, Att: Informations-avdelningen, Hans Michelsensgatan 10, SE-211 20 Malmö, Sweden. Tel: +46 (0) 10 335 4500.

The following information will be published for the 2020 fiscal year:
April 27, 2020 Interim report, January-March
June 29, 2020 Annual General Meeting
July 17, 2020 Interim report, January-June
October 28 Interim report, January-September
February 3, 2021 Year-End Report 2020
April 2021 2020 Annual Report