“Our commitment to partner with Arjo and to implement a formal patient handling program is critical to reducing employee injuries and improving patient safety. To illustrate the importance of this program, results are reported to the executive team on a weekly basis.”

Nick Lewis, System Director of Employee Safety, Security, Environmental Programing, Occupational at Baptist Memorial Health Care, Memphis, Tennessee Tennessee

Services that generate results

Arjo’s Clinical Consulting services help healthcare facilities optimize their business and improve clinical outcomes.

Many care facilities struggle to find capacity and resources to meet the growing demands in healthcare today. They often find it difficult to see how they can deliver long-term, value--based care while driving  a cost-efficient and profitable business.

Comprehensive analysis

Arjo offers Clinical Consulting services to support care facilities in building a sustainable care systems. As partners, our customers can secure considerable benefits and gains through open dialogue and trust. They can prioritize the right equipment and work processes that improve efficiency, safety and clinical outcomes, as well as reduce costs.

The Clinical Consulting service uses evidence-based tools to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the customer’s business. By studying the work environment, equipment, patient mobility, as well as guidelines and processes for daily tasks, Arjo’s clinical consultants can make comprehensive proposals for improvements.

A proven model for improvements

These services can be adapted to various types of customers, from individual care homes to large hospitals and complete healthcare chains. However, the method is fundamentally the same and involves:

  • Analysis
  • Implementation
  • Follow-up, support and evaluation

The initial analysis is crucial to achieving the end result. The customer’s key staff and Arjo’s clinical consultants together assess the insights that will serve as the basis for the coming change. Together, a review of the various types of patient transfers and how often they are conducted is performed. One item on the agenda is to see what equipment is available and the condition it is in. It is also important to study how, or even if, the staff use the equipment. Finally, the staff’s level of knowledge regarding patient transfers is evaluated.

Here, Arjo uses its evidence-based assessment tool, Mobility Gallery, which together with Positive Eight, emphasizes the importance of the right environment, equipment and care skills.

Guidance and training are key ingredients of each Clinical Consulting program. They help create a long-term positive change that promotes increased efficiency within the business.

Investment in the future

To increase our competency in this area, Arjo invested in Atlas Lift Tech during 2019. Atlas provides care staff with continuous training and assistance to perform safe patient transfers. The goal is to strengthen staff skills and reduce the number of injuries. Atlas has also developed a software system, LiftTracker, which is integrated into the care facility to help deliver real-time data that tracks and schedules tasks. This partnership sets a strong platform for the continued development of our offering.

Arjo’s Clinical Consulting service is based on a model for measureable change:

  • Analysis: identification of needs and opportunities
  • Implementation: fostering of an effective business with proven processes and work routines
  • Follow-up, support and evaluation: continuous improvement work