Prevention of hospital-acquired conditions

Hospital-acquired conditions, such as pressure injuries and venous thromboembolisms (VTE), cause patients enormous suffering and result in large costs for healthcare providers. This is often entirely avoidable.

Pressure injuries are a common problem

Pressure injuries arise when patients are unable to change position or, for example, when layers of skin rub against each other. Poor blood circulation leads to reddening, possible pain and discomfort, and at a later stage, open wounds that can damage muscles and bones.

VTE can be life-threatening

VTE includes blood clots in the deep veins of the leg, deep-vein thrombosis (DVT), and blood clots in the lungs, causing extensive suffering and long hospital stays for those affected. Patients are particularly exposed during long-term immobility, such as after operations. VTE often occurs without warning and can be life-threatening. Each year, about 10 million cases occur globally* and, like pressure injuries, involve considerable annual costs to the healthcare sector.


USD billion

The estimated annual cost of pressure-injury treatment in the US**


VTE results in the death of over twice the number of people suffering from breast cancer, prostate cancer, motor vehicle accidents and AIDS combined***.


The percentage of VTE cases that occur during or shortly after hospitalization, making it the leading preventable cause of hospital death****.

*Jha AK et al., 2013   **Padula WV et al., 2011 ***Cohen AT et al., 2007  ****Jha AK et al., 2013 and Heit Ja et al., 2002

Preventive and effective solutions for growing problems

Arjo has significant experience in helping its customers reduce problems with pressure injuries and VTE. With the right solutions, unnecessary suffering and high costs can be prevented.

Arjo’s solutions usually focus on preventing pressure injuries or VTE, but we also offer solutions to manage these types of complications.

Through preventive measures, patients can avoid unnecessary suffering while hospitals can avoid expensive treatments.

Products for pressure injuries

Arjo’s primary solutions for pressure injuries include alternating pressure mattress systems, such as the Alpha and Nimbus product series. We also offer other types of mattresses, such as mattress overlays and foam mattresses, to meet all types of patient needs. The range includes special solutions for bariatric patients and ICU patients.

In 2019, Arjo launched the Auralis Alternating Pressure Mattress System. Auralis is designed to minimize the risks and complications of pressure injuries for high acuity patients with limited mobility and compromised skin integrity.

Apart from pressure and friction, micro-climate is a key factor for pressure injuries. Microclimate is another word for moisture and temperature conditions on the contact surfaces of the skin. For this, Arjo offers Skin IQ™, a fluid resistant, vapor permeable mattress cover that functions as a protective barrier against bacteria and viruses.

Effective solution for VTE

VTE is today mainly treated using injected medication. However, Arjo recommends that this is combined with other solutions for thromboprophylaxis. This significantly reduces the risk of blood clots.

Arjo’s Flowtron IPC pumps and garments jointly comprise a simple and comfortable, therapeutically effective solution that stimulates movement, resulting in blood circulation in the legs’ deep veins.