Note 11 Participations in Group companies

Parent Company’s holdings Reg. office/Country Corporate
Registration Number
No. of
participations 2019
No. of participations 2018 Percentage
Carrying amount‚
SEK M 2019
Moderbolagets innehav Säte/Land Organisationsnummer Antal
i %
Bokf värde
Mkr 2019
ArjoHuntleigh NV ArjoHuntleigh NV Belgium Belgium 418.919.541 39,120 39,120 62 8
Arjo Dominican Republic, SA Arjo Dominican Republic SA Dominican Republic Dominikanska Republiken 131398278 3,591,999 3,591,999 100 65
Arjo Sverige AB Arjo Sverige AB Eslöv Sweden Eslöv, Sverige 556528-4600 1,000 1,000 100 54
Arjo France S.A.S. Arjo France S.A.S. France Frankrike 305.219.677 578,460 578,460 100 360
Arjo Middle East FZ-LLC Arjo Middle East FZ-LLC United Arab Emirates Förenade Arabemiraten 94298 1 1 100 41
Arjo Hong Kong Limited Arjo Hong Kong Limitid Hong Kong Hongkong 465441 25,000 25,000 100 47
ArjoHuntleigh Healthcare India Pvt. Ltd ArjoHuntleigh Healthcare India Pvt. Ltd India Indien U85199MH2002PTC135700 1,905,709 1,905,709 100 0
ArjoHuntleigh Ireland Ltd ArjoHuntleigh Ireland Ltd Ireland Irland IE238034 33,336 33,336 100 37
Arjo Italia Spa Arjo Italia Spa Italy Italien 5503160011 1,000,000 1,000,000 100 94
Arjo Japan K.K Arjo Japan K.K Japan Japan 0104-01-135243 500 500 100 0
ArjoHuntleigh Magog Inc ArjoHuntleigh Magog Inc Canada Kanada 626505 24,126,001 24,126,001 100 575
Arjo (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd Arjo (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd China Kina 913205947573292624 1 1 100 235
Arjo (Suzhou) Medical Equipment Trading Co., Ltd Arjo (Suzhou) Medical
Equipment Trading Co., Ltd
China Kina 91320594MA1UQ6DX7G 1 1 100 21
ArjoHuntleigh AB ArjoHuntleigh AB Malmö, Sweden Malmö, Sverige 556304-2026 50,000 50,000 100 495
Arjo Treasury AB Arjo Treasury AB Malmö, Sweden Malmö, Sverige 556475-7242 2,225 2,225 100 9
Arjo Nederland BV Arjo Nederland BV Netherlands Nederländerna 69089396 18 18 100 808
Arjo Norge AS Arjo Norge AS Norway Norge 994,290,177 100,000 100,000 100 1
Arjo Switzerland AG Arjo Switzerland AG Switzerland Schweiz CHE-107.306.624 100 100 100 42
Boxuan Medical Equipment Pte Ltd Boxuan Medical Equipment Pte Ltd Singapore Singapore 200508769D 5,700,000 5,700,000 100 30
Arjo Iberia S.L. Arjo Iberia S.L. Spain Spanien B67064618 3,000 3,000 100 0
Huntleigh Technology Ltd Huntleigh Technology Ltd UK Storbritannien 1891943 85,390,762 85,390,762 100 2,356
Arjo Korea Co., Ltd Arjo Korea Co., Ltd South Korea Sydkorea 101-86-76976 1,000 1,000 100 20
Arjo Czech Republic s.r.o. Arjo Czech Republic s.r.o. Czech Republic Tjeckien 46,962,549 1 1 100 2
Arjo Deutschland GmbH Arjo Deutschland GmbH Germany Tyskland HRB 12913 1 1 100 334
Huntleigh Healthcare GmbH Huntleigh Healthcare GmbH Germany Tyskland HRB 23795 2 2 100 4
Arjo Holding USA Inc Arjo Holding USA Inc USA USA 10,000 10,000 100 646
Arjo Austria GmbH Arjo Austria GmbH Austria Österrike FN42604d 1 1 39 8
Arjo México Equipos Médicos S.A de C.V Arjo México Equipos Médicos S.A de C.V Mexico Mexiko AME190724UM7 99 99 2
Total carrying amount Summa bokfört värde 6,294

The table above includes all directly owned subsidiaries.

SEK M 2019 2018
Mkr 2019 2018
Cost Anskaffningsvärde
Opening cost Ingående anskaffningsvärde 6,292 5,369
Investments Investeringar 2 21
Shareholders’ contributions Aktieägartillskott 0 902
Closing accumulated cost Utgående ackumulerat anskaffningsvärde 6,294 6,292

The Group companies directly or indirectly owned by Arjo AB are specified below


Arjo Sverige AB, 556528-4600, Eslöv
ArjoHuntleigh AB, 556304-2026, Malmö
Arjo Treasury AB, 556475-7242, Malmö
Arjo IP Holding AB, 556247-0145, Malmö
ArjoHuntleigh International AB, 556528-1440, Malmö


Arjo Australia Pty Ltd
Arjo Hospital Equipment Pty Ltd
Joyce Healthcare Group Pty Ltd


ArjoHuntleigh NV


Arjo Brasil Equipamentos Médicos Itda


Arjo Danmark A/S

Dominican Republic

Arjo Dominican Republic SA


Arjo France S.A.S.

United Arab Emirates

Arjo Middle East FZ-LLC

Hong Kong

Arjo Hong Kong Ltd


ArjoHuntleigh Healthcare India Pvt. Ltd


ArjoHuntleigh Ireland Ltd


Arjo Italia Spa2)


Arjo Japan K.K.


ArjoHuntleigh Magog Inc
Arjo Canada Inc


Arjo (Suzhou) Medical Equipment Trading Co. Ltd
Arjo (Suzhou) Co., Ltd


Arjo México Equipos Médicos S.A de C.V.


Arjo Nederland BV
Huntleigh Holdings BV


Arjo Norge AS

New Zealand

Arjo New Zealand Limited


ArjoHuntleigh Polska Sp. z.o.o.


Arjo Switzerland AG


Boxuan Medical Equipment Pte Ltd
Arjo South East Asia Pte Ltd


Arjo Iberia S.L.


Huntleigh Technology Ltd1)
1st Call Mobility Ltd
ArjoHuntleigh International Ltd1)
Arjo UK Ltd
Huntleigh Diagnostics Ltd1)
Huntleigh Healthcare Ltd
Huntleigh International Holdings Ltd1)
Huntleigh Luton Ltd1)
Huntleigh Properties Ltd1)
Huntleigh (SST) Ltd1)
Pegasus Ltd1)

South Africa

ArjoHuntleigh South Africa Pty Ltd
Huntleigh Provincial Sales Pty Ltd
Huntleigh Africa Pty Ltd

South Korea

Arjo Korea Co. Ltd

Czech Republic

Arjo Czech Republic s.r.o.


Arjo Deutschland GmbH
Huntleigh Healthcare GmbH


Arjo Holding USA, Inc
Arjo, Inc
ReNu Medical, Inc


Arjo Austria GmbH

1) A Parent Company guarantee was issued in accordance with section 479(C) of the UK Companies Act 2006 for certain subsidiaries registered in the UK. The Parent Company guarantee applies to all outstanding liabilities for the subsidiaries on the closing date until the commitments have been met. The stated subsidiaries have applied the exemption from statutory audit in accordance with section 479 (A) of the UK Companies Act 2006.

2) The Parent Company guarantee was also issued for the subsidiary registered in Italy and applies to all outstanding liabilities for the subsidiary on the closing date until the commitments have been met.