Proposed appropriation of profit

Arjo AB (publ), Corp. Reg. No. 559092-8064

The following profits in the Parent Company are at the disposal of the Annual General Meeting:

Retained earnings Balanserade vinstmedel 4,514,263,703
Net profit for the year Årets resultat 179,644,011
Total Summa 4,693,907,714
The Board and Chief Executive Officer propose that a dividend of SEK 0.65 per share shall be distributed to shareholders Styrelsen och verkställande direktören föreslår att utdelning till aktieägarna lämnas med 0.65 kr per aktie 177,040,222
To be carried forward I ny räkning överföres 4,516,867,492
Total Summa 4,693,907,714


The Board of Directors deems the proposed dividend to be justified in relation to requirements that the Group’s nature of business, scope and risks impose on consolidated shareholders’ equity and the Group’s consolidation requirements, liquidity and financial position.

The Board of Directors and CEO affirm that the consolidated financial statements have been prepared in accordance with international financial reporting standards IFRS, which have been adopted by the EU, and provide a fair and accurate account of the Group’s financial position and profit. This Annual Report was prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting policies and provides a fair and accurate account of the Parent Company’s financial position and profit.

The Directors’ Report for the Group and Parent Company provides a fair review of the performance of the Parent Company and the Group’s operations, financial position and earnings and describes the material risks and uncertainties faced by the Parent Company and companies belonging to the Group.

Malmö, April 3, 2020

Johan Malmquist
Chairman of the Board

Carl Bennet
Vice Chairman of the Board

Sten Börjesson

Eva Elmstedt

Dan Frohm

Ulf Grunander

Ingrid Hultgren

Carola Lemne

Joacim Lindoff

President & CEO

Our auditor’s report was submitted on April 3, 2020
Öhrlings PricewaterhouseCoopers AB

Magnus Willfors
Authorized Public Accountant
Auditor in Charge

Cecilia Andrén Dorselius

Authorized Public Accountant