“Our Guiding Principles create a robust framework for how we interact as colleagues, define the type of company we want to be and how we create value for our customers.”

Elif Bosemark, Director Global Service

Creating a sustainable future together

Arjo’s development is dependent on our employees, and together, we can create opportunities for sustainable development and gaining competitive advantage. Our corporate culture is built on equality, diversity and inclusion.

Arjo has employees from across the world. We are proud to represent a rich mix of backgrounds and cultures. Together, we create a culture in which diversity and inclusion are valuable assets.

Our corporate culture is based on Arjo’s Guiding Principles. They permeate our entire business and aim to promote a customer-centered culture that forms the basis of a sustainable and profitable company.

We aspire to be an attractive employer. Arjo aims to be a company in which all employees have equal opportunities, regardless of age, ethnicity, religion or gender. This is a long-term process that starts by defining concrete measures in our daily work to give each employee the possibility to grow. In this way, we can achieve our business objectives while contributing to a sustainable society.

An exchange of ideas to drive Arjo’s development

We strive to promote an exchange of knowledge across geographies and areas of expertise. This is partly to reduce the number of projects planned and conducted in silos, and partly to disseminate knowledge and thereby minimize avoidable errors. These initiatives are conducted within the framework of our internal exchange program.

As an example, in 2019 our teams in South Africa and Australia partook in an exchange program to share knowledge. By visiting the Australian market and gaining access to its expertise and work processes, the South African organization adapted and applied strategies from Australia in its daily operations.

During the year, Arjo’s Service and Supply Chain functions also sponsored a joint talent program. The purpose was to evaluate and improve internal processes. The result was several projects, including the creation of better logistics flows to support Arjo’s service technicians in their customer relationships.


Number of full-time employees at Arjo at the end of 2019. Most of the employees work in the US, the UK, Poland and the Dominican Republic.


Percentage of women on Arjo’s Management Team. 32% of Arjo’s managers are women. 38% of the Group’s employees are women.

Arjos Guiding Principles

Arjo’s Guiding Principles promote a customer-oriented, winning and sustainable corporate culture in which we together create added value for healthcare. These principles were developed in 2019 through a close dialogue and feedback from the entire organization, and represent our core values.

UN SDG: 8. Decent work and economic growth

Putting the health, safety and development of our employees front and center not only benefits our company, but society at large. Arjo emphasizes the importance of decent work conditions for all employees and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Incremental changes in several areas

Arjo’s work to strengthen both individuals and local communities takes place globally and comprises strategies for the following areas:

  • An international work environment
    We create an attractive and inclusive workplace that attracts the right talents throughout the world.
  • A cooperative culture
    In a well-functioning corporate culture, all employees’ opinions are important for the business, as well as those of customers and other stakeholders.
  • Leadership development
    Arjo’s managers must, through accessibility and openness, allow employees to take their place, assume responsibility and have the opportunity to cooperate.
  • Human rights
    Arjo supports the UN Declaration on Human Rights and believes that all people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.
  • Occupational health and safety
    Employee health and safety is our foremost priority, and all employees should always have a safe and healthy work environment.

Measurable diversity work

Arjo has established clear goals for diversity and inclusion. In our talent programs, diversity in the form of skills, culture, nationality and gender is central. Diversity plays an important role in recruitment, where managers are encouraged to recruit candidates with varied backgrounds and expertise. We further strive to employ local managers.

Goals for Arjo’s diversity agenda

  1. The total workforce will comprise a minimum of 40% female employees by 2022
  2. 40% of all level 1-3 managers will be female, in line with the Global Business Authority’s guidelines for corporate management teams
  3. Local talent programs will support diversity among participants
  4. Recruitment and internal promotions will always be conducted with diversity in mind

“An active sustainability agenda plays a pivotal role in modern day companies. At Arjo, our ambition is to take a broad responsibility, and build a culture in which our employees can influence our sustainability agenda.”

Marion Gullstrand, EVP Human Resources & Sustainability at Arjo

UN SDG: 5. Gender equality

We believe in the equal value and rights of all people, and thus prioritize equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion. Employees who develop and work together based on their individual experiences also create a healthier and safer corporate culture.

Taking social responsibility

Community engagement is central to Arjo’s sustainability agenda. We support a number of organizations and encourage employees to participate actively in social projects that improve local communities. We have strict guidelines for corporate sponsorship and make no contributions to political activities. Some of Arjo’s global partnerships are presented below.

Förenade Care, Sweden

Employees at Arjo’s head office in Malmö have the possibility to work one day per year at one of the 50 units of Förenade Care in Sweden. The organization offers a number of residential and homecare services.

VTO, Canada

In 2019, Arjo Canada initiated a volunteer program, Volunteer Time Off (VTO), where employees can dedicate one day to voluntary work per year. Initially, employees organized an Arjo Gives Back Week, where employees spent one week supporting local community initiatives. Among other activities, employees took part in the Alzheimer’s Mini–Walk.

Dementia Australia

In Australia, Arjo supports the voluntary organization Dementia Australia. Employees have been engaged in the issue and participate in the Dementia Australia Memory Walk and Jog, with the purpose of increasing knowledge around dementia.

Together for Better, Dominican Republic

Since 2017, Arjo has supported the Swedish organization Together for Better’s operations in the Dominican Republic. The organization helps to build up and operate schools in particularly challenging conditions. To date, Together for Better has been able to support hundreds of children living in poverty.

Pratham, India

Within the framework of the Swedish Industry for Quality Education in India, we cooperate with the Pratham organization, which focuses on high-quality and cost-efficient measures to improve the country’s education. Pratham’s project has been active since 2017 and Arjo has been a partner since then. Esther Duflo and Abhijit Banerjee, the 2019 Nobel laureates in Economic Sciences, developed the Teaching at the Right Level method that was implemented in the Pratham project.

UN SDG: 3. Good health and well-being

Our solutions contribute to better quality of life in more than 40 countries and in the markets in which Arjo is active. In India and South America, among other locations, Arjo participates in various donation programs for hospitals. This supports the development of modern and efficient healthcare that benefits the development of society at large, and creates conditions for people’s basic right to well-being.

UN SDG: 4. Quality education

Arjo supports education projects, both internally and together with partners in various parts of the world. We see that the development of sustainable care and a sustainable society goes hand-in-hand with the development of employee competence, but also with effective education opportunities in society in general. Through the commitment of Arjo and our employees to education, we work to ensure quality education and lifelong learning opportunities for all.