“We believe that the long-term success of a company is achieved by taking responsibility for social, ethical and environmental aspects, while ensuring financial profitability.”

Joacim Lindoff, President & CEO

A sustainable future

– in healthcare, in society and for the environment

Our ambition is to develop an efficient and sustainable health­­care system that contributes to a positive development in society.

Since Arne Johansson established Arjo in 1957, our organization has put people in focus. One of his strongest driving forces was to improve the daily working conditions for healthcare professionals by using ergonomic aids, benefitting their patients as well.

This driving force is still very much alive at Arjo today. As society has developed, Arjo’s sustainability efforts have become increasingly important and are now focused on reducing the amount of waste and emissions throughout the value chain. This work also comprises training and skills development within environmental issues, ethical behavior and relevant regulations.

Sustainability activities are primarily driven in four focus areas: environmental impact, quality and regulatory compliance, employees and society, and business ethics.

These areas define what we can influence within the Group and in cooperation with external partners. To ensure that sustainability is always high on the agenda, we have a governance structure that facilitates clear ownership for each focus area. We are also creating a global reporting system to manage the insights gained from our customers and partners.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Arjo’s sustainability work supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through global and local initiatives. We focus on six of the SDGs, in particular:

Environmental impact

We have a sustainable approach throughout our value chain.

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Quality and regulatory compliance

We must meet increasingly strict product safety standards.

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Employees and society

We contribute to strengthening both individuals and society.

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Business ethics

We are committed to the highest ethical standards.

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