Arjo enables mobility

The human body is made to move. At Arjo, we believe that high quality of care and positive clinical outcomes begin by improving patient mobility.

Movement helps patients recover faster. It also increases their independence and sense of dignity during the care process. When staff is given the right conditions for increasing patient mobility, while using the right equipment and care skills, the risk of injury is reduced. Job satisfaction increases and general well-being improves. Moreover, improved clinical outcomes and higher quality of care also enable improved financial outcomes.

With our experience, knowledge and products, we work to contribute to a sustainable healthcare system. Our philosophy – Positive Eight© – is based on each patient’s specific needs and creates a positive chain reaction, which benefits everyone in healthcare.

Improved results for all

Arjo has for many years emphasized the importance of mobility throughout the healthcare process. Increased mobility drives a chain reaction of positive results for both the patient, caregiver, and ultimately also the healthcare providers. Arjo’s Positive Eight© philosophy illustrates the clear connection between mobility and a patient’s physical and mental well-being.

Positive Eight builds on Arjo’s experience from many years of close partnerships with healthcare professionals and our customers. The philosophy is based on three crucial factors: the right environment, the right equipment and the right care skills.

When patients receive help to keep or regain their mobility, their independence and self–confidence improves, along with their overall satisfaction and quality of life. Often, this also enables a speedier recovery. A patient’s reduced need for help can also lead to less stress and a lower risk of work-related injuries among health-care professionals. This results in increased productivity, improved work satisfaction and reduced staff turnover. Overall this leads to an increased quality of care and reduction of costs.

Positive Eight is a tool for building strong partnerships with our customers and can be applied to all types of care facilities. The first step lies in understanding the customer’s challenges and then identifying their unique needs. With Positive Eight, we demonstrate how focus on mobility can help prevent or reduce the risk of additional complications. Based on this exchange, we can provide solutions that we believe will generate the best results.

Positive Eight©

Arjo’s Positive Eight philosophy demonstrates how the right care environment, the right equipment and the right care skills can enable a positive chain reaction that leads to improvements for patients, healthcare professionals and healthcare facilities alike. The first step in the process focuses on stimulating or retaining mobility.

1. Mobility

Stimulating and maintaining mobility

2. Improved vital functions

Stimulating vital bodily functions, such as heart, lungs, circulation, bone and muscle structure

3. Reduced consequences of immobility

Minimizing the risk of costly health complications, both physical and psychological

4. Quality of life

Helping to improve confidence, independence, recovery times and overall quality of life

5. Reduced need for support

More independent residents require less assistance

6. Reduced injuries and improved efficiency

Reducing physical strain and freeing up time

7. Reduced sick leave, turnover and compensation claims

Improved overall well-being and job satisfaction for caregivers

8. Improved care and financial outcomes

All this facilitates better quality of care at less cost to the care facility